Therapeutic efficacy of TAMMEF (Therapeutic Application of Musically Modulated Electromagnetic Field) system in carpal tunnel syndrome

They don't use controls or sham-exposed subjects in the experimental setup, but the percentage of patients with positive response is almost 100%.

" Our results seem to prove that TAMMEF System has a therapeutic activity in CTS. In fact all the patients treated completed the therapeutic cycle and manifested a significant improvement of the clinical and electromyographic picture. The electromagnetic fields had produced a so-called “tail effect", continuing after the suspension of therapy, as if the biophysical action interfered with the pathogenetic mechanisms of the disease, probably by inhibition of the inflammatory process or due to an antiedema action of the electromagnetic fields at level of carpal canal and to an observed variation of plasmatic level of cyclic adenosine monophosphate (AMPc), oxygen free radicals and prostaglandin E2 (7,11).

We believe that the different efficacy of the TAMMEF System in CTS is due to the stage of the disease. In fact we suppose that magnetic fields can be effective in the early phases, in which inflammation is prevalent and degenerative processes of the axon is not jet started.

Moreover the therapeutic effect seems persistent and continuous after the treatment suspension. Therefore we think it useful to carry out the two cycles with the possibility of an extension of the therapy in the following years.

Our results confirm the safety, the efficacy and the tolerability of low frequency magnetic fields as previously reported (10-12, 17), also support the hypothesis that the effects of magnetic fields with parameters that change in time, like those produced by the music-piloted TAMMEF System, are equivalent to the effects of the ELF field (12,16)."

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