Study of a bionic system for health enhancements

" It is believed that the health of our body is totally dependent on the health of our cells. The cell is the basic structural, functional and biological unit of all known living organisms. Cells consist of cytoplasm enclosed within a membrane. The membrane pulses at a certain frequency with certain magnitudes. More cell pulse activity there is, the more active, energetic and healthier cells are. Human and other animals live in an earth environment of extremely low natural frequencies (ELF).The earth produces these both high in the atmosphere (Schumann (7.83Hz)) as well as on and below the planet's surface (Geomagnetic (10 Hz)). Schumann and Geomagnetic frequencies are vital to the wellbeing of all living things. It is believed that if we are in an environment with bio­inspired electromagnetic signals generated by mimicking natural earth and body cells frequencies (ELF's), then our cells will be more energetic and active, providing greater health.

In this paper, an innovative bionic system will be presented. This system can be used to generate bio­inspired electromagnetic fields (BPEF) by mimicking natural Earth, body frequencies and strengths. This innovative bio­inspired system has been applied for the health enhancement of humans, equines and pets etc. A number of case studies will be present to demonstrate the efficiency and effectiveness of the system. Various experiments have been carried out. The experimental results have shown that this innovative bio­inspired system works efficiently and effectively in enhancing human and animal health. It has been proven that this bio­inspired system can be effectively applied to many areas such as (1) human health enhancement and illness treatment, (2) pet health enhancement, (3) equine health treatment and (4) reduction or elimination of 'jet lag'."

Last modified on 14-Aug-16

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