Seeking the Source of Transience for a Unique Magnetic Field Pattern That Completely Dissolves Cancer Cells in Vitro


" Exposure to a particular pattern of weak (~3 to 5 μT) magnetic fields produced by computer-generated point durations within three-dimensions completely dissolved malignant cancer cells but not healthy cells. Biomolecular analyses and confocal microscopy indicated excessive expansion followed by contraction contributed to the “explosion” of the cell. However, after months of replicable effects, the phenomenon slowly ceased. Considering the potency of the complete dissolution of cancer cell lines after 5 days of 6.5-hour daily exposures and the implications for human treatment, the potential source of the disappearance of the effect was pursued by summarizing all of the 50 experiments and assessing the likely etiologies." {Credits 1}

Materials and Methods:

" B16-BL6, MDAMB 231 and MCF7 malignant cells and HSG, a non-malignant cell line, were exposed to a sham-field condition or to a specific pattern of computer-generated magnetic fields produced from converting different voltages, each with point durations of 3 ms to 3-D magnetic fields." {Credits 1}


" The specific serial presentation of the two field patterns (one frequency modulated; the other amplitude and frequency modulated) completely dissolved malignant cells but not normal cells within a “zone” within the exposure volume at the conjunction of the three planes of the applied magnetic fields. The affected cells underwent massive melanin production, expansion, contraction and “beading” of submembrane actin structures before fragmentation within this zone. However, this powerful all-or-none phenomenon may have been disrupted by moving the cells, excess mechanical agitation during exposure, or non-optimal point durations of the field parameters. Indirect effects from communication signals (WIFI) through line currents that operated the incubators could not be excluded." {Credits 1}

A curious data:

" ... is the possibility there has been a change in the inertial frame or intrinsic space through which the earth as a component of the solar system is moving as it orbits the galaxy. Although potentially coincidental the disappearance of the MUKARB effect occurred at approximately the time the background radiant flux densities of photons that we measure continually by analogue photomultiplier tubes began to increase from the values of ~10−12 to 10−11 W∙m−2 . Transient increases of the photon flux density by a factor of 10 about two weeks before very intense (>8.0 M) seismic events anywhere on the planet have been measured [24]. However the PMT values always returned to baseline within a day or two after the seismic event. Since about July, 2012 we have measured a persistent rise in background photon power density from unknown sources [25]." {Credits 1}

{Credits 1} 🎪 Karbowski, L. M., Murugan, N. J., Koren, S. A., & Persinger, M. A. (2015). Seeking the source of transience for a unique magnetic field pattern that completely dissolves cancer cells in vitro. Journal of Biomedical Science and Engineering, 8(08), 531. © 2015 by authors and Scientific Research Publishing Inc.This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution International (CC BY) License.

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