Modulation of Ca2+ Dependent Protease Activity in Fish and Invertebrates by Weak LowFrequency Magnetic Fields

They use the third harmonic of the main or “cyclotron” frequency of Ca2+ resulting in 18.5 Hz. In other papers [1] is used the Ca2+ main cyclotron frequency (7 Hz). In all these cases the used intensities are similar to the geomagnetic field intensity.

[1] Ledda, M., Megiorni, F., Pozzi, D., Giuliani, L., D’Emilia, E., Piccirillo, S., ... & Lisi, A. (2013). Non ionising radiation as a non chemical strategy in regenerative medicine: Ca2+-ICR “in vitro” effect on neuronal differentiation and tumorigenicity modulation in NT2 cells. PloS one, 8(4), e61535.

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