Lorentz force in water evidence that hydronium cyclotron resonance enhances polymorphism

" We find that under ICR stimulation water undergoes a transition to a form that is hydroxonium-like, with the subsequent emission of a transient 48.5 Hz magnetic signal, in the absence of any other measurable field. Our results indicate that hydronium resonance stimulation alters the structure of water, enhancing the concentration of EZ-water. These results are not only consistent with Del Giudice’s model of electromagnetically coherent domains, but they can also be interpreted to show that these domains exist in quantized spin states."

" This report provides evidence in support of claims that water at ambient temperatures is heterogeneously structured. We observe that transitions to the putative EZ-water structure are enabled by relatively short exposure to ion cyclotron resonance magnetic fields tuned to the charge to mass ratio of the hydronium ion. We conclude that the much lower viscosity associated with the Grotthus mechanism makes it possible for Lorentz force effects to be observed for H3O+. It can be additionally concluded that similar effects are likely to occur endogenously in biological systems, considering the isotropic distribution of hydrogen atoms in water. Hydrogen atom isotropy ensures an infinite number of planes in which circular proton hopping can happen, potentially permitting all geomagnetic components to resonantly couple to internally generated low frequency biological signals."

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