Influence of Magnetic Field with Schumann Resonance Frequencies on Photosynthetic Light Reactions in Wheat and Pea

Most probably when a biological entity is exposed to extremely low frequency fields, it always sense those, the difference in outcomes are because of the different genetic species (and of course exposure conditions, even the exposure angle, as is have been shown in some experiments) as it can be seen in this experiment, and because different species are affected differently and only some outcomes are measured sometimes we say that some specie is not affected, but the reality is that is not affected in the measured outcome.

There are other experiments that use the frequencies used in the present one, schumann resonance frequencies, at similar intensities to treat cancer for example [1,2,3], and also that although in this and those experiments the intensity of the used magnetic exposure to the schumann resonances frequencies is one million times bigger than the natural schumann resonance intensity (but is in the order of the geomagnetic field intensity) there are serious indications on the effects of schumann resonances at their natural intensities [4].

Anyways, here is an extract from abstract of the current paper:

" It was shown that ELFMF decreased non-photochemical quenching in wheat and weakly influenced quantum yield of photosystem II at short-term treatment; in contrast, the changes in potential and effective quantum yields of photosystem II were observed mainly under chronic action of ELFMF. It is interesting that both short-term and chronic treatment decreased the time periods for 50% activation of quantum yield and non-photochemical quenching under illumination. Influence of ELFMF on pea was not observed at both short-term and chronic treatment. Thus, we showed that ELFMF with Schumann resonance frequencies could influence photosynthetic light processes; however, this effect depends on plant species (wheat or pea) and type of treatment (short-term or chronic). " {Credits 1}

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{Credits 1} 🎪 Sukhov, V.; Sukhova, E.; Sinitsyna, Y.; Gromova, E.; Mshenskaya, N.; Ryabkova, A.; Ilin, N.; Vodeneev, V.; Mareev, E.; Price, C. Influence of Magnetic Field with Schumann Resonance Frequencies on Photosynthetic Light Reactions in Wheat and Pea. Cells 2021, 10, 149. © 2021 The Author(s). This article is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution License.

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