ICR-Like and Osteoarthritis in Geriatric Patients Pilot Study at an RCH Facility

" The Ion Cyclotron Resonance-like phenomenon (ICR-like) is a physical model regarding ionic flows through cellular membranes induced by the application American physicist Abraham Liboff [43] as a hypothesis to explain the results obtained by the physicists Adey and Blackman in their studies [49] regarding these flows. Liboff hypothesized that the ELF-EMF administered in the experiments interacted with the geomagnetic field (GMF) [44,51] and facilitated transit of ionic species through the cellular membranes [45], thus acting as a modulator of the amount of movement of the ions." {Credits 1}

" As regards use in arthrotic disease, the literature includes some interesting articles, which reveal the biological effectiveness of ELF-EMF on chondrocytes [35], sampled from arthrotic joints in vitro, with an effect of anti-inflammatory modulation [42,52]. The literature also includes a clinical study involving the administration of ICR-like on 143 patients [29] with musculoskeletal dysfunction of diverse pathogenesis (rheumatic, arthrotic, osteoporotic, traumatic, post-surgical) which produced good results in pain control and postural aspect." {Credits 1}

Experimental results in this study:

" The results achieved for the control of pain (NRS_R and NRS_M) were very satisfactory with a significant reduction in pain (pNRS_R = 0.024, pNRS_M = 0.048), which also persisted in follow-up (pNRS_R = 0.015, pNRS_M = 0.011). The QoL exhibited a clear improvement during the treatment period (p = 0.041), declining during the follow-up for diverse reasons. Similarly, during the treatment cycle there was an improvement in joint mobility (in the joint treated for OA) of 75%. The need to assume analgesic drugs was completely eliminated during the treatment cycle (p = 0.018) and persisted in follow-up." {Credits 1}

{Credits 1} 🎪 Greco A, Lorengo V, Malfatti N, et al. (2018) ICR-Like and Osteoarthritis in Geriatric Patients: Pilot Study at an RCH Facility. J Orthop Rheumatism 2(1):33-46. © 2018 Greco A, et al. This article is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution License.

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