Evidence of "Trapped" Voltage Spectrum Residuals within Mouse Melanoma Tumors for about 30 Minutes following brief Exposures to Treatment-Related, Physiologically-Patterned Magnetic Fields

" Theoretical calculations by Del Giudice and Preparata and direct measurements in spring water by us have shown that the effects of applied specifically-patterned weak magnetic fields to volumes of spring water might be "trapped" or maintained within coherent domains. The tumor masses (1-2 gm) within mice that had been exposed for 30 min to 1 μT, patterned magnetic fields known to inhibit malignant cell growth and induce analgesia were measured electrophysiologically. The integrated voltages were spectral analyzed. The predominant 12.5 to 14.1 Hz amplitude in spectral power measured directly from the tumors displayed a conspicuous shift that required about 30 min in real time to asymptote in mice after they had been removed from the magnetic fields. This shift over post-exposure time did not occur in the tumors of sham-field exposed mice. Power spectra within the tumors of mice that had been exposed to the pattern (Thomas pulse) shown to inhibit the growth of a dozen different human and animal malignant cell lines but not normal cells showed elevations of power or discrete spikes within the band of ~8 t0 ~28 Hz which represents the approximate spectral band of this magnetic field's frequency-modulation. These results support the concept that representations or "residuals" of appropriately patterned magnetic fields with potential treatment efficacy are present for protracted periods within the tumor mass after the field applications have been stopped." {Credits 1}

One interesting thing that they say is that the mechanisms of action of low intensity electromagnetic fields on cancer may be different of that on normal cells, because cancer cell aggregates are different, for example they can consists of aggregates of cells, blood vessels and other cytological elements that may have infiltrated into the tumor mass, so the interfacial water volume/structure is different and it can trap other specific EM fields.

{Credits 1} 🎪 Saroka, K. S., Karbowski, L. M., Murugan, N. J., & Persinger, M. A. (2015). Evidence of “trapped” voltage spectrum residuals within mouse melanoma tumors for about 30 min following brief exposures to treatment-related, physiologically-patterned magnetic fields. Arch. Cancer Res, 3(29), 1-5. © The Author(s) and iMedPub. This is an open access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License 4.0.

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