Establishing a Mechanism for the Effects of Specific Patterned Electromagnetic Fields at the Molecular Level Using Fragmented Bacteria

By the data measured in this experiment is deducted that EMFs affect bacterias, not the integrity of biological matter but it rather provoke the aggregation of bacteria in solutions, with changes in the structures of water that surround them, this effect is also seen around proteins were water is irradiated with infrared light [1] and the effect is related to the existence of "Exclusion Zones" in water [2].

" The effects of the EMFs were ascertained by analyzing the absorbance and fluorescence of biological matter pre and post treatment. Results demonstrated that there was approximately a 10-15% increase in absorbance for solutions exposed to an EMF condition compared to sham. The results indicate that the EMF exposure had no significant impact on the fluorescence of the biological matter within the solution."

" .. This equation yields 1.15 x 10-10 J which, when divided by the total number of bacteria within the entire solution (~1010) equals ~10-20 J, a very important neuromolecular quantum (Persinger, 2010). This value is within the range of the amount of energy observed for the formation of new biochemical bonds and to preserve intermolecular forces (Persinger, 2010). Therefore that amount of energy could be responsible for the formation of new biochemical bonds which could lead to aggregations that are maintained by the intermolecular forces. That quantum is also associated with an increase in the viscosity of water (Persinger, 2014). Ghauri and Ansari (2006) performed an experiment where they demonstrated an increase in the viscosity of water subsequent to the exposure of an EMF. This increase in viscosity implies the water is becoming thicker and more compact, thus bringing the molecules closer together."

[1] Kowacz, M., Marchel, M., Juknaité, L., Esperança, J. M., Romão, M. J., Carvalho, A. L., & Rebelo, L. P. N. (2017). Infrared light-induced protein crystallization. Structuring of protein interfacial water and periodic self-assembly. Journal of Crystal Growth, 457, 362-368.

[2] EMMIND › Endogenous Fields & Mind › Water & Electromagnetic Fields › Electromagnetism & Water - Exclusion Zones

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