An electrical model with microtubules, impedance measurements and COMSOL simulations for single MDA-MB-231 cells under extremely low frequency electromagnetic fields

One of the result shows that the start time point of the ELF-EMF group’s cell division (9 h) was later than that of the control group (7.5 h). It’s interesting not only for cancer related issues but also for the knowledge of general interactions of cellular microtubules with extremely low frecuency electromagnetic fields:

" At the cell-spreading stage, the ELF-EMF-reduced assembly of the MTs impedes the cell spread, which leads to lower impedance variation. At the cell mitosis stage, the MT volume variation in the ELF-EMF group decreases faster than that in the control group, which indicates that the ELF-EMF influences the assembly of the MTs. In addition, the ELF-EMF impedes the assembly of the MTs between the mitotic spindles, and then the cells prolong the cell mitosis period, which can be analyzed through the cell impedance and our model. At cell division, the impedance increases because two daughter cells block more current."

Last modified on 01-Oct-21

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