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Various Freq. Hazards Experiments
Exposition to various or combined EM fields have disruptive effects on health

Pablo Andueza Munduate

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Applied Fields - Hazards
Various Freq. Hazards Experiments

Various Freq. Hazards Experiments

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Favailable in PDFEffects of electromagnetic radiations on diversity and breeding biology of birds living near power lines and mobile towers at Ludhiana, PunjabCommentary icon2018-(6)T. K. Kler, M. Kumar, N. Vashishat
Favailable in PDFInfluence of Electromagnetic Radiation on Plant GrowthCommentary icon2018-(8)Irina Moroz, Ingrida Chemerys
Favailable in PDF and HTMLExposure to Magnetic Field Non-Ionizing Radiation and the Risk of Miscarriage: A Prospective Cohort StudyCommentary icon2017-(7)De-Kun Li, Hong Chen, Jeannette R. Ferber, Roxana Odouli, Charles Quesenberry
Favailable in PDFInfluence of Electromagnetic Fields on Prooxidant/Antioxidant Balance in Rat LiverCommentary icon2017-(8)Karolina Sieroń-Stołtny, Jarosław Pasek, Grzegorz Cieślar, Aleksander Sieroń
Favailable in PDF and HTMLLow intensity magnetic field influences short-term memory: A study in a group of healthy studentsCommentary icon2015-(12)Enrique A. Navarro, Claudio Gomez-Perretta, Francisco Montes
Aavailable in HTMLEffects of electromagnetic fields exposure on plasma hormonal and inflammatory pathway biomarkers in male workers of a power plantNo comments yet icon2015-(1)Zhaopin Wang, Ying Fei, Hui Liu, Shuangshuang Zheng, Zheyuan Ding, Wen Jin, Yifeng Pan, Zexin Chen, Lijuan Wang, Guangdi Chen, Zhengping Xu, Yongjian Zhu, Yunxian Yu
Aavailable in HTMLComparison of the Genotoxic Effects Induced by 50 Hz Extremely Low-Frequency Electromagnetic Fields and 1800 MHz Radiofrequency Electromagnetic Fields in GC-2 CellsNo comments yet icon2015-(1)Weixia Duan, Chuan Liu, Lei Zhang, Mindi He, Shangcheng Xu, Chunhai Chen, Huifeng Pi, Peng Gao, Yanwen Zhang, Min Zhong, Zhengping Yu, Zhou Zhou
Favailable in PDFAnthropogenic electromagnetic noise disrupts magnetic compass orientation in a migratory birdNo comments yet icon2014-(9)Svenja Engels, Nils-Lasse Schneider, Nele Lefeldt, Christine Maira Hein, Manuela Zapka, Andreas Michalik, Dana Elbers, Achim Kittel, P. J. Hore, Henrik Mouritsen
Favailable in PDF, HTML and EpubOccupational Electromagnetic Field Exposures Associated with Sleep Quality: A Cross-Sectional StudyNo comments yet icon2014-(8)Hui Liu, Guangdi Chen, Yifeng Pan, Zexin Chen, Wen Jin, Chuan Sun, Chunjing Chen, Xuanjun Dong, Kun Chen, Zhengping Xu, Shanchun Zhang, Yunxian Yu
Favailable in PDFNon-Thermal Effects and Mechanisms of Interaction Between Electromagnetic Fields and Living Matter -Part1 -Part2-Commentary icon2010- (232+187)(various)



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