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5G & 4G Phone MW Hazards Experiments
Radiation generated by those technologies are not exempt from affecting life processes

Pablo Andueza Munduate

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tables updated: 28/04/2024

Applied Fields - Hazards
5G & 4G Phone MW Hazards Experiments

5G & 4G Phone MW Hazards Experiments

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Aavailable in HTMLEffects of 3.5-GHz radiofrequency radiation on energy-regulatory hormone levels in the blood and adipose tissue3.5 GHz - (SAR 0.037 W/kg)2h/30dCommentary icon2024-(1)Hava Bektas, Suleyman Dasdag, Fikret Altindag, Mehmet Z. Akdag, Korkut Yegin, Sermin Algul
Aavailable in HTMLEffects of 4G mobile phone radiation exposure on reproductive, hepatic, renal, and hematological parameters of male Wistar rat2350 MHz (4G)2h/56dCommentary icon2023-(1)Rohit Gautam, Sonali Pardhiya, Jay Prakash Nirala, Priyanka Sarsaiya, Paulraj Rajamani
Favailable in PDF and HTMLBio-effects of 5th generation electromagnetic waves on organs of human beings (theoretical study)3 GHz-Commentary icon2023-(6)Amit Verma, Vijay Kumar, Shipra Gupta
Aavailable in HTMLImmunomodulatory role of non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation in human leukemia monocytic cell line2318 MHz (4G) - 0.0224 mW/cm215-120min/1dCommentary icon2023-(1)Himanshi Yadav, Rajeev Singh
available in HTMLThe role of RF-EMF (5G) on neuronal development and neuronal health using brain organoids (Doctoral Thesis)1950 MHz (5G)-/30dCommentary icon2023-(1)Selina Thomas
Favailable in PDFThe Wistar Rat Parietal Lobe Cell And Pain Perception Changes After Frequent Of Mobile Phone Electromagnetic Wave Expose2100 MHz (4G LTE)2h/14-45dCommentary icon2023-(3)Fatiha Sri Utami Tamad, Trianggoro Budisulistyo, Amin Husni, Retnaningsih, Herlina Suryawati, Suryadi Suryadi
Aavailable in HTMLTeratogenic effects of radiofrequency electromagnetic radiation on the embryonic development of chick: A study on morphology and hatchability(2G & 4G) - (SAR 1.12-1.35 W/kg)-Commentary icon2023-(1)Tessy Augustianath, D. A. Evans, G. S. Anisha
Favailable in PDFEffect of smart phone usage on cardiovascular and hematological parameters
--Commentary icon2022-(5)Priyanka Srivastava, Pankaj Mishra, Priyanka Jain
Aavailable in HTMLEffects of 3.5 GHz (5G) Radiofrequency Radiation on Ghrelin, Nesfatin-1, and Irisin Levels in Diabetic and Healthy Brains3.5 GHz (5G) - (SAR 0.32 W/kg (1g))2h/30dCommentary icon2022-(1)Hava Bektas, Sermin Algul, Fikret Altindag, Korkut Yegin, Zulkuf Akdag, Suleyman Dasdag
FMobile phone induced EMF stress is reversed upon the use of protective devices: results from two experiments testing different boundary conditions ("physical remedy")(4G LTE) - 0.00005-0.0013 mW/cm215min/1dNo comments yet icon2022-(10)Rainer Schneider
Favailable in PDF and HTMLDeep Saturation Nonlinearity of 5G Media and Potential Link to Covid-19--Commentary icon2022-(10)Mohsen Lutephy
Favailable in PDFBiological effects of non-ionizing electromagnetic fields to 27 GHz on sperm quality of Mytilus galloprovincialis27 GHz (CW)- (SAR 0.11-0.18 W/kg)10-40min/1dCommentary icon2022-(10)Roberta Pecoraro, Santi Concetto Pavone, Elena Maria Scalisi, Carmen Sica, Sara Ignoto, Martina Contino, Antonio Salvaggio, Gino Sorbello, Loreto Di Donato, Maria Violetta Brundo
Favailable in PDF and HTMLExposure to 1800 MHz LTE electromagnetic fields under proinflammatory conditions decreases the response strength and increases the acoustic threshold of auditory cortical neurons1800 MHz (4G LTE) - (SAR 0.5 W/kg)2h/1dNo comments yet icon2022-(14)Samira Souffi, Julie Lameth, Quentin Gaucher, Délia Arnaud Cormos, Philippe Lévêque, Jean‑Marc Edeline, Michel Mallat
Aavailable in HTMLHistological study on the Effect of Electromagnetic Radiation Emitted from 4G Cell Phones on the Thyroid Gland of the Adult Male Albino Rat(4G LTE)1h/56dCommentary icon2022-(1)Mona Nabil Mohamed, Soheir Ibrahim Saleh, Mariam Asaad Amin, Rehab Tolba Khattab, Mary Refaat Isaac, Maha Moustafa Ahmed Zakaria
Aavailable in HTML3.5-GHz radiofrequency electromagnetic radiation promotes the development of Drosophila melanogaster3.5 GHz (5G) - 0.01-1 mW/cm2-Commentary icon2021-(1)Yahong Wang, Zhihao Jiang, Lu Zhang, Ziyan Zhang, Yanyan Liao, Peng Cai
Favailable in PDF and HTMLAmeliorative effect of Punica granatum on sperm parameters in rats exposed to mobile radioelectromagnetic radiation ("chemical remedy")800-2400 MHz (4G) - (SAR, specs, 0.53 W/kg)1h/90dCommentary icon2021-(7)Anjaneyababu Naik Banavath, Sridevi Nangali Srinivasa
Favailable in PDF and HTMLEffect of 2400 MHz mobile phone radiation exposure on the behavior and hippocampus morphology in Swiss mouse model2400 MHz (4G) - 0.2 mW/cm2100min/60dCommentary icon2021-(9)Imam Hasan, Mir Rubayet Jahan, Md Nabiul Islam, Mohammad Rafiqul Islam
Favailable in PDFA Study of RFR Effects on the Brain Neurochemistry during Pre- and Postnatal Brain Development(4G)6-24h/56dCommentary icon2021-(11)Joshua Oladele Owolabi, Olayinka Stephen Ilesanmi, Vimla Luximon-Ramma
Favailable in PDFA Study of 4G Radiofrequency Radiation effects on Juvenile Wistar Rats Cerebellum and Potential Attenuative Properties of Fish Oil Omega-3 Fat ("chemical remedy")(4G LTE + mobile WI-FI) - (SAR, specs, 1.5 W/kg)24h/14-28dCommentary icon2021-(14)Fabiyi Oluwaseyi Sunday, Ogunbiyi Olubunmi, C. OdusoteIfeoluwa, Adelakin Lola, Olanrewaju John Afees, Olatunji Sunday Yinka, Owolabi Joshua Oladele
Aavailable in HTMLSimulated mobile communication frequencies (3.5GHz) emitted by a signal generator affects the sleep of Drosophila melanogaster3.5 GHz (5G) - 0.01-1 mW/cm224h/3-?dCommentary icon2021-(1)Yahong Wang, Hongying Zhang, Ziyan Zhang, Boqun Sun, Chao Tang, Lu Zhang, Zhihao Jiang, BoDing, Yanyan Liao, Peng Cai
Favailable in PDFExamining changes in sensitivity and functionality of mechanosensitive ion channel protein Piezo 1 exposed to Low-Level Radiofrequency Radiation845 MHz (4G) - 0.0005-0.0038 mW/cm210m/1dNo comments yet icon2021-(141)Azadeh Torkan
Aavailable in HTMLThe effect of 4.5 G (LTE Advanced-Pro network) mobile phone radiation on the optic nerve(4G LTE)2h/42dCommentary icon2021-(1)Erkin Özdemira, Ülkü Çömelekoglua, Evren Degirmencib, Gülsen Bayrakc, Metin Yildirimd, Tolgay Ergenoglue, Banu Coşkun Yılmazc, Begüm Korunur Engizf, Serap Yalind, Dilan Deniz Koyuncue, Erkan Ozbayg
Favailable in PDF and HTMLHematobiochemical and histopathological alterations of kidney and testis due to exposure of 4G cell phone radiation in mice2400 MHz (4G) - (SAR 0.087 W/kg)40-60min/60dCommentary icon2021-(10)Imam Hasan, Tanjina Amin, Md. Rafiqul Alam, Mohammad Rafiqul Islam
Favailable in PDF and HTMLFunctional and network analyses of human exposure to long-term evolution signal2753 MHz (4G LTE) - (SAR 0.61 W/kg (10g))30min/1dCommentary icon2020-(19)Lei Yang, Chen Zhang, Zhiye Chen, Congsheng Li, Tongning Wu
Favailable in PDF and HTMLContinuous Exposure to 1.7 GHz Lte electromagnetic fields increases intracellular Reactive oxygen Species to Decrease Human Cell Proliferation and induce Senescence1.7 GHz (4G LTE-WCDMA) - (SAR 1-2 W/kg)24h/3dCommentary icon2020-(15)Jisu Choi, Kyeongrae Min, Sangbong Jeon, Nam Kim, Jeong-Ki Pack, Kiwon Song
Aavailable in HTMLEffects of mobile phone radiation on certain hematological parameters2300-2400 MHz (4G) - (SAR, specs, 1.42 W/kg)1h/1dCommentary icon2020-(1)Bindhu Christopher, Y. Sheena Mary, Mayeen Uddin Khandaker, D. A. Bradley, M. T. Chew, P. J. Jojo
Favailable in PDFShort- and long-duration exposures to cell-phone radiofrequency waves produce dichotomous effects on phototactic response and circadian characteristics of locomotor activity rhythm in zebrafish, Danio rerio2300 MHz (4G) - (SAR 0.004 W/kg)30min-4h/1d, 7dCommentary icon2019-(16)Shikha Malik, Atanu Kumar, Arti Parganiha
Favailable in PDF and HTMLEarly-Life Exposure to Pulsed LTE Radiofrequency Fields Causes Persistent Changes in Activity and Behavior in C57BL/6J Mice1846 MHz (4G LTE) - (SAR 0.5-1 W/kg)30min/22dCommentary icon2019-(14)Kerry A. Broom, Richard Findlay, Darren S. Addison, Cristian Goiceanu, Zenon Sienkiewicz
Favailable in PDF and HTMLLong-term exposure to 4G smartphone radio frequency electromagnetic radiation diminished male reproductive potential by directly disrupting Spock3–MMP2-BTB axis in the testes of adult rats2575–2635 MHz (4G) - 2.24 mW/cm2 (SAR 1.05 W/kg)6h/150dNo comments yet icon2019-(1)Gang Yu, Zeping Tang, Hui Chen, Zhiyuan Chen, Lei Wang, Hui Cao, Gang Wang, Jiansheng Xing, Haotao Sheng, Qing Cheng, Donghui Li, Guoren Wang, Yang Xiang, Yupeng Guang, Yabing Zhu, Zhenxiang Liu, Zhiming Bai
Aavailable in HTMLModulation of resting-state brain functional connectivity by exposure to acute fourth-generation long-term evolution electromagnetic field: An fMRI study2573 MHz - (SAR 0.98 W/kg (10g))30min/1dCommentary icon2019-(1)Yiwen Wei, Jiayi Yang, Zhiye Chen, Tongning Wu, Bin Lv
Favailable in PDF and HTMLExposure to mobile phone radiations at 2350 MHz incites cyto- and genotoxic effects in root meristems of Allium cepa2350 MHz - 0.0492 mW/cm2 (0.31 W/kg)1-4h/1dCommentary icon2018-(8)Shikha Chandel, Shalinder Kaur, Mohd Issa, Harminder Pal Singh, Daizy Rani Batish, Ravinder Kumar Kohli
Favailable in PDF and HTMLShort-term radiofrequency exposure from new generation mobile phones reduces EEG alpha power with no effects on cognitive performance1947 MHz (3G UMTS), 1750 MHz (4G LTE-WCDMA) - (SAR max. 1.8 W/kg)20min/1dCommentary icon2018-(12)Zsuzsanna Vecsei, Balázs Knakker, Péter Juhász, György Thuróczy, Attila Trunk, István Hernádi
Favailable in PDFAB037. Long-term exposure to the mobile phone radiation decreased the sperm quality of Sprague Dawley rats(4G) - (SAR, specs, 1.58 W/kg)4h/150dCommentary icon2018-(1)Gang Yu, Zhiming Bai
Favailable in PDFThe effect of exposure to Wi-Fi 4G electromagnetic wave radiation on the weight of epidirmis and morphology of the sperm of male wistar rats (in Indonesian)(4G)8-24h/ 44dCommentary icon2018-(15)Meily Nirnasari
FEffect of Electromagnetic Waves from Mobile Phones on Spermatogenesis in the Era of 4G-LTE2.104 GHz (4G LTE) - (SAR 3.0 W/kg (body))6-18h/28dCommentary icon2018-(9)Jong Jin Oh, Seok-Soo Byun, Sang Eun Lee, Gheeyoung Choe, Sung Kyu Hong
Favailable in PDFEffect of Electromagnetic Field from 2G, 3G And 4G Mobile Phones on the Organization of Purkinje Cell Layer of Rat Cerebellum0.9-2.1-2.6 GHz60m/60dCommentary icon2017-(5)Madiha Ali, Shadab Ahmed Butt, Shabnam Hamid
Favailable in PDFA 5G Wireless Future: Will it Give us a Smart Nation or Contribute to an Unhealtlhy One? (article)--No comments yet icon2017-(4)Cindy Russell
Aavailable in HTMLLong-Term Evolution Electromagnetic Fields Exposure Modulates the Resting State EEG on Alpha and Beta Bands2.61 GHz (4G LTE) - (SAR 1.34 W/kg (10g) 1.96 W/kg (1g))-Commentary icon2016-(1)Lei Yang, Qinghua Chen, Bin Lv, Tongning Wu
Aavailable in HTMLStudy of Change in Enzymatic Reaction under Radiowaves/Microwaves on Lactic Acid Dehydrogenase and Catalase at 2.1, 2.3 and 2.6GHz2.1-2.3-2.6 GHz - 0.00024 mW/cm2 & 0.6 mW/cm2-Commentary icon2015-(1)Sohni Jain, Vuk Vojisavljevic, Elena Pirogova
Favailable in PDFEffects of low power microwaves at 1.8, 2.1, and 2.3 GHz on l-Lactic dehydrogenase and Glutathione peroxidase enzymes1.8-2.1-2.3 GHz - 0.121 mW/cm2 (SAR 0.841 W/kg)-Commentary icon2014-(12)Hamad S. Alsuhaim, Vuk Vojisavljevic & Elena Pirogova
Favailable in PDFWhole Brain EEG Synchronization Likelihood Modulated by Long Term Evolution Electromagnetic Fields Exposure2.576 GHz (4G LTE)30m/1dCommentary icon2014-(4)Bin Lv, Chang Su, Lei Yang, Yi Xie, Tongning Wu

available in PDF
available in PDF
- Acute LTE Electromagnetic Field Exposure Modulates the Human Resting-state Functional Connectivity
- The alteration of spontaneous low frequency oscillations caused by acute electromagnetic fields exposure
2.576 GHz (4G LTE) - (SAR 0.9-1.07 W/kg (10g))30m/1dCommentary icon2014-(1)
2013- (10)
Bin Lv, Zhiye Chen, Tongning Wu, Qing Shao, Duo Yan, Lin Ma, Ke Lu, Yi Xie



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