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High Frequency
Some possible therapeutic uses, including cancer treatment, of the few megahertz frequency range

Pablo Andueza Munduate

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tables updated: 19/05/2024

Applied Fields - Experimental
High Frequency

High Frequency

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Favailable in PDF, HTML and EpubPulsed Radiofrequency Electromagnetic Fields as Modulators of Inflammation and Wound Healing in Primary Dermal Fibroblasts of Ulcers27.1 MHzNo comments yet icon2024-(14)Erica Costantini, Lisa Aielli, Giulio Gualdi, Manuela Baronio, Paola Monari, Paolo Amerio, Marcella Reale
Favailable in PDF, HTML and EpubRadiofrequency Electromagnetic Fields Cause Non-Temperature-Induced Physical and Biological Effects in Cancer Cells13.56 MHzCommentary icon2022-(20)Peter Wust, Paraskevi D. Veltsista, Eva Oberacker, Prabhusrinivas Yavvari, Wolfgang Walther, Olof Bengtsson, Anja Sterner-Kock, Marie Weinhart, Florian Heyd, Patricia Grabowski, Sebastian Stintzing, Wolfgang Heinrich, Ulrike Stein, Pirus Ghadjar
Favailable in PDF, HTML and EpubEvaluation of Cell Migration and Cytokines Expression Changes under the Radiofrequency Electromagnetic Field on Wound Healing In Vitro Model27.1 MHzCommentary icon2022-(14)Erica Costantini, Lisa Aielli, Federica Serra, Lorenzo De Dominicis, Katia Falasca, Pamela Di Giovanni, Marcella Reale
Aavailable in HTMLA Systematic Method to Explore Radio Frequency Non-Thermal Effect on the Growth of Saccharomyces cerevisiae1 MHz, 3.16 MHz, 10 MHz - (SAR 0.0024 W/kg)Commentary icon2021-(1)Duye Ye, Gabriel Cutter, Tom Caldwell, Sarah Harcum, Pingshan Wang
Favailable in PDF, HTML and EpubSafety and Efficacy of amplitude-modulated radiofrequency electromagnetic fields in advanced hepatocellular carcinoma27.12 MHz (0.1 Hz to 150 KHz modulated, tumor specific) - (SAR 0.001 W/kg (body))Commentary icon2021-(13)Arthur W. Blackstock, Al B. Benson, Masatoshi Kudo, Hugo Jimenez, Preeya F. Achari, Callum McGrath, Volker Kirchner, Lynne I. Wagner, Nathaniel S. O’Connell, Kathy Walker, Valerie K. Pasche, Ralph D’Agostino Jr., Alexandre Barbault, Boris Pasche
Favailable in PDF and HTMLNon-thermal membrane effects of electromagnetic fields and therapeutic applications in oncology-Commentary icon2021-(17)Peter Wust, Ulrike Stein, Pirus Ghadjar
Favailable in PDF and HTMLRepeated electromagnetic field stimulation lowers amyloid-β peptide levels in primary human mixed brain tissue cultures64 MHz - (SAR 0.4-0.9 W/kg)Commentary icon2021-(13)Felipe P. Perez, Bryan Maloney, Nipun Chopra, Jorge J. Morisaki, Debomoy K. Lahiri
Aavailable in HTMLPilot study on the therapeutic potential of radiofrequency magnetic fields: growth inhibition of implanted tumours in mice10 MHz - 0.002 mTNo comments yet icon2020-(1)Jukka Luukkonen, Jonne Naarala, Jukka Juutilainen, Frank Barnes, Carlos F. Martino
Aavailable in HTMLChanges in the gene expression in mouse astrocytes induced by pulsed radiofrequency: A preliminary study0.48 MHz (pulsed)No comments yet icon2020-(1)Kumiko Tanabe, Shigeo Takashim, Hiroki Iida
Favailable in PDF and HTMLArabidopsis cryptochrome is responsive to Radiofrequency (RF) electromagnetic fields (plant)7 MHz - 0.002 mTCommentary icon2020-(8)Maria Albaqami, Merfat Hammad, Marootpong Pooam, Maria Procopio, Mahyar Sameti, Thorsten Ritz, Margaret Ahmad, Carlos F. Martino
Aavailable in HTMLAcceleration of germination and early growth of plant seeds by high frequency and low intensity alternating electric fields100 MHz - 0.0066-2.653 mW/cm2No comments yet icon2020-(1)Sumihiro Koyama, Yasuyuki Tamura, Gen Ishikawa, Yoichi Ishikawa
Favailable in PDF and HTMLTumour-specific amplitude-modulated radiofrequency electromagnetic fields induce differentiation of hepatocellular carcinoma via targeting Ca v 3.2 T-type voltage-gated calcium channels and Ca 2+ influx27.12 MHz (SAR 0.001-0.035 W/kg (body) 0.156-0.352 W/kg (1g))No comments yet icon2019-(16)Hugo Jimenez, Minghui Wang, Jacquelyn W. Zimmerman, Michael J. Pennison, Sambad Sharma, Trevor Surratt, Zhi-Xiang Xu, Ivan Brezovich, Devin Absher, Richard M. Myers, Barry De Young, David L. Caudell, Dongquan Chen, Hui-Wen Lo, Hui-Kuan Lin, Dwayne W. Godwin, Michael Olivier, Anand Ghanekar, Kui Chen, Lance D. Miller, Yijian Gong, Myles Capstick, Ralph B. D'Agostino, Jr, Reginald Munden, Philippe Merle, Alexandre Barbault, Arthur W. Blackstock, Herbert L. Bonkovsky, Guang-Yu Yang, Guangxu Jin, Liang Liu, Wei Zhang, Kounosuke Watabe, Carl F. Blackman, Boris C. Pasche
Favailable in PDF and HTMLCa2+ and CACNA1H mediate targeted suppression of breast cancer brain metastasis by AM RF EMF27.12 MHz - (SAR 0.255 W/kg (brain))No comments yet icon2019-(15)Sambad Sharma, Shih-Ying Wu, Hugo Jimenez, Fei Xing, Dongqin Zhu, Yin Liu, Kerui Wu, Abhishek Tyagi, Dan Zhao, Hui-Wen Lo, Linda Metheny-Barlow, Peiqing Sun, John D. Bourland, Michael D. Chan, Alexandra Thomas, Alexandre Barbault, Ralph B. D'Agostino, Christopher T. Whitlow, Volker Kirchner, Carl Blackman, Boris Pasche, Kounosuke Watabe
FUse of Pulsed Radiofrequency Electromagnetic Field (Prfe) Therapy for Pain Management and Wound Healing in Total Knee and Reverse Shoulder Prosthesis: Randomized and Double-blind Study27.12 MHzNo comments yet icon2018-(7)Nicola Bianchi, Federico Sacchetti, Matteo Mordà, Carmine Citarelli, Rodolfo Capanna, Stefano Giannotti
Aavailable in HTMLRepeated Electromagnetic Field Stimulation in Aging and Health64 MHz - (SAR 0.6 W/kg)Commentary icon2018-(1)Felipe P. Perez, Jorge J. Morisaki, Joseph P. Bandeira
Favailable in PDF and HTMLIn-vitro analysis of Quantum Molecular Resonance effects on human mesenchymal stromal cells4-64 MHzCommentary icon2018-(17)Sabrina Sella, Valentina Adami, Eliana Amati, Martina Bernardi, Katia Chieregato, Pamela Gatto, Martina Menarin, Alessandro Pozzato, Gianantonio Pozzato, Giuseppe Astori
FResonant Radiofrequency Fields Damaging Saccharomyces Cerevisiae (yeast)28 MHzCommentary icon2018-(3)W. S. Dias, E. H. M. Liquer, L. C. Gontijo, T. A. Oakes, G. S. Dias, C. Marques, H. S. Chavez
Aavailable in HTMLAmplitude-modulated radiofrequency electromagnetic fields target hepatocellular carcinoma stem cells through activation of Cav 3.2 T-type calcium channels27.12 MHz - (SAR 0.0002-0.001 W/kg)No comments yet icon2018-(1)Hugo Jimenez, Minghui Wang, Jacquelyn W. Zimmerman, Michael J. Pennison, Sambad Sharma, Ivan Brezovich
Aavailable in HTMLBiophysical control of the growth of Agrobacterium tumefaciens using extremely low frequency electromagnetic waves at resonance frequency (bacteria)10 MHz (1 Hz modulated) - 0.000669 mTCommentary icon2017-(1)M. Ali Fadel, Reem H. El-Gebaly, Shaimaa A. Mohamed, Ashraf M.M. Abdelbacki
Favailable in PDF and HTMLPulsed electromagnetic fields in knee osteoarthritis: a double blind, placebo-controlled, randomized clinical trial27.12 MHz (1000 Hz pulsed)No comments yet icon2015-(8)Gian Luca Bagnato, Giovanni Miceli, Natale Marino1 , Davide Sciortino, Gian Filippo Bagnato
Favailable in PDFPulsed Electromagnetic Fields Reduce Postoperative Interleukin-1β, Pain, and Inflammation: A Double- Blind, Placebo-Controlled Study in TRAM Flap Breast Reconstruction Patients27.12 MHz (2 Hz pulsed) - 0.0042 mW/cm (SAR 0.001 W/kg)No comments yet icon2015-(10)Christine H. Rohde, Erin M. Taylor, Amanda Alonso, Jeffrey A. Ascherman, Krista L. Hardy, Arthur A. Pilla
Favailable in PDF and HTMLEffect of Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) on Infarct Size and Inflammation After Cerebral Ischemia in Mice27.12 MHz (2 Hz pulsed) - (SAR 0.04 W/kg)Commentary icon2014-(10)Juan Carlos Pena-Philippides, Yirong Yang, Olga Bragina, Sean Hagberg, Edwin Nemoto, Tamara Roitbak
Favailable in PDFIncreases in microvascular perfusion and tissue oxygenation via pulsed electromagnetic fields in the healthy rat brain27.12-MHz (5 Hz pulsed) - 0.0095 mW/cm (SAR 0.04 W/kg)No comments yet icon2014-(10)Denis E. Bragin, Gloria L. Statom, Sean Hagberg, Edwin M. Nemoto
Favailable in PDFInhibition of cellular proliferation and enhancement of hydrogen peroxide production in fibrosarcoma cell line by weak radio frequency magnetic fields10 MHz - 0.01 mTNo comments yet icon2014-(5)Pablo R.Castello, Iain Hill, Frank Sivo, Lucas Portelli, Frank Barnes, Robert Usselman, Carlos F. Martino
Favailable in PDF, HTML and EpubThe Effects of Non-Invasive Radiofrequency Treatment and Hyperthermia on Malignant and Nonmalignant Cells13.56 MHzNo comments yet icon2014-(12)Steven A. Curley, Flavio Palalon, Kelly E. Sanders, Nadezhda V. Koshkina
Favailable in PDF and HTMLNon-Thermal Radio Frequency Stimulation of Tubulin Polymerization in Vitro: A Potential Therapy for Cancer Treatment-No comments yet icon2014-(23)John T. Butters, Xavier A. Figueroa, Bennett Michael Butters
Favailable in PDF, HTML and EpubSpin Biochemistry Modulates Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) Production by Radio Frequency Magnetic Fields7 MHz - 0.01 mTNo comments yet icon2014-(9)Robert J. Usselman, Iain Hill, David J. Singel, Carlos F. Martino
Favailable in PDF, HTML and EpubTargeted treatment of cancer with radiofrequency electromagnetic fields amplitude-modulated at tumor-specific frequencies-No comments yet icon2013-(9)Jacquelyn W. Zimmerman, Hugo Jimenez, Michael J. Pennison, Ivan Brezovich, Desiree Morgan, Albert Mudry, Frederico P. Costa , Alexandre Barbault, Boris Pasche
Favailable in PDFElectromagnetic fields instantaneously modulate nitric oxide signaling in challenged biological systems27.12 MHz (2 Hz pused) - 0.0025 mTNo comments yet icon2012-(4)Arthur A. Pilla
Favailable in PDFRadio Frequency Energy for Bioelectric Stimulation of Plants (ICR)1-50 MHz (16 Hz modulated) - max. 0.005 mTCommentary icon2012- (207)Pieter Johannes Jacobus van Zyl
Favailable in PDF and HTMLCancer cell proliferation is inhibited by specific modulation frequencies27.12 MHz - (SAR 0.034 W/kg)Commentary icon2012-(7)J. W. Zimmerman, M. J. Pennison, I. Brezovich, N. Yi, C. T. Yang, R. Ramaker, D. Absher, R. M. Myers, N. Kuster, F. P. Costa, A. Barbault, B. Pasche
Favailable in PDF and HTMLTreatment of advanced hepatocellular carcinoma with very low levels of amplitude-modulated electromagnetic fields27.12 MHz (100 Hz-21kHz modulated) - (SAR max. 2 W/kg (10g))Commentary icon2011-(9)F.P. Costa, A.C. de Oliveira, R. Meirelles, M.C.C. Machado, T. Zanesco, R Surjan, M.C. Chammas, M. de Souza Rocha, D. Morgan, A. Cantor, J. Zimmerman, I. Brezovich, N. Kuster, A. Barbault, B. Pasche
Favailable in PDFElectromagnetic fields as first messenger in biological signaling: Application to calmodulin-dependent signaling in tissue repair27.12 MHz (pulsed) - (SAR 0.0001 W/kg)No comments yet icon2011-(10)Arthur Pilla, Robert Fitzsimmons, David Muehsam, June Wu, Christine Rohde, Diana Casper



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