Synchronous Oscillations Intrinsic to Water: Applications to Cellular Time Keeping and Water Treatment

In this paper is provided evidence that physical properties of water are the responsible time keepers for the cells’ biological clock, being the underlying mechanism physical (electromagnetic) rather than chemical.

The initial physical basis lies in the oscillation periods of the concentration ratios of the spin states of water (ortho-para nuclear spin pairs of water hydrogens) that oscilate and generate electromagnetic fields capable of influence surroundings.

For example, authors describe how water influence the oscilatory changes in redox potential with a characteristic asymmetry that alternate the activity of ENOX proteins (NADH oxidation and protein disulfide-thiol interchange) in a 2 +3 oscillation.

These para water formation may derive from the formation of collective order (coherent domains that can be view in this section).

The paper is interesting because show the important role of endogenously generated electromagnetic fields; they describe experimental evidence that water samples oscillate in phase using environmental LFEMF communication, and reveal that samples taked from sampling points separated by miles are synchronized. (There is a interesting series of experiments in Baikal lake that may be related and where macroscopic nonlocal correlations are found)

" Frequency of the EMF associated with coherent water is estimated to be 1.2 µm in the infrared [30]. One coherent domain “speaks” to another domain to align the contained water molecules. The frequency of transmission might be a few kHz. However, the waves are trapped within the water (generated and absorbed by contiguous water molecules) and, for the most part, do not escape [30]. A seeming exception is access across a plastic or glass surface where transmission apparently does take place to effect synchrony of water in an adjacent plastic or glass container."

After describe trans-metal driven direct contact water communication via EMF they propose a possible similar mechanism in human meridian system where:

" water generated electromagnetic fields influenced by the environment of the water following the different meridians. From a theoretical standpoint, William Tiller [31] wrote 'one expects that cooperative cellular oscillations channel in the body, the electromagnetic radiation waves of appropriate wavelength from this generated organ spectrum will be guided away from the organ environs and out to the skin through specific acupuncture points.'"

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