Drinking functional coherent mineral water accompanies a strengthening of the very low frequency impact on heart rate variability, and mono and multifractal heart rhythm dynamics in healthy humans

In this paper is viewed that biophoton emission from different animals brain slices in vitro differ in their spectral characteristics, with a tendence to red in more intelligent animals, that between tested brains slices is the human.

The biophoton emissions are induced by glutamate ( the most abundant neurotransmitter) injection, in this regard is important to note that

" To get a collective performance of water CDs, which can give rise to resonance with intrinsic heart VLF rhythms, would require a uniform rate of energy loading from, e.g., a magnetic field for all the involved CDs [42]. A plausible interaction with geomagnetic ULF can affect the human cardiovascular system, because several ULFs are in a comparable range with those of the human heartbeat and its rhythms [99]. The external non-local background load of conditioned EMF photons in water CDs in resonance with, e.g., the frequency of ULF geomagnetic field pulsations that can be biotropic [100], specifically, stable continuous pulsations (Pulsations continuous; Pc). According to Class Pc4 (time period 45–150 sec) or Pc5 (time period 150–600 sec) [101], may contribute to the rise in cardiac intrinsic 2–3 minute VLF rhythms. "

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