The Biofield: Bridge Between Mind and Body

Majorly in agree with the concepts explained a difference that I have is that he takes a step beyond biofield (electromagnetic field) and say that is an intermediary between mind and body, and I believe that is not an intermediary of some undefined concept (mind) but it is the mind itself. (an action principle that, when it gains in complexity, can be viewed as a life force and when some degree of complexity is reached we can recognize it as mind itself).

The author also mention the possibility of an unknown to science force beyond electromagnetic that influence biosystems, that is a question that it will not be followed by the author of this web because considere that is sufficient the implications of the newly discovered electromagnetic field – biosystems interactions, to construct the puzzle of life and consciousness.

I want to note also that author make reference to coherent domains of water as hypothetical nanoestrucures, the reality is that those are not only hypothetical but there is experimental evidence about their existence in water (see section), and also in the form of Exclusion Zones (extended versións of coherent domains, more permanents, in water attached to surfaces), see section. Anyways these last (Exclusion Zones) are mentioned in a following paragraph in the paper.

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