The “conscious pilot”—dendritic synchrony moves through the brain to mediate consciousness

It can be seen how coherent electrical activity in particular frequency bands is very related to consciousness:

" .. Cognitive neurocomputation with consciousness is accompanied by 30- to 90-Hz gamma synchrony electroencephalography (EEG), and non-conscious neurocomputation is not. Gamma synchrony EEG derives largely from neuronal groups linked by dendritic–dendritic gap junctions, forming transient syncytia (“dendritic webs”) in input/integration layers oriented sideways to axonal–dendritic neurocomputational flow. As gap junctions open and close, a gamma-synchronized dendritic web can rapidly change topology and move through the brain as a spatiotemporal envelope performing collective integration and volitional choices correlating with consciousness."

For example, when cats has particular visual stimulation is founded a phase synchrony in the visual cortex at around 40 Hz, also the conscious smell occurs when odorant molecules induce gamma synchrony among olfactory bulb dendrites.

When anesthesia, gamma synchrony between frontal and posterior cortex disappear from patients.

That generated electromagnetic fields frequencies must correspond to a particular form of consciousness, one of being awareness of the sensations of the body and the world and to be prepared for reaction. Anyways is not the only form of consciousness and other frequencies may correspond to other class of consciousness; for example rithms around 7.8 Hz may correspond to a more transcendental consciousness in resonance with the Earth, etc.. Mind is a sum up and a integration of different frequencies each corresponding to the different classes, scales, and levels of consciousness.

In this regard also is it may be included a words and phrases simil:

" .. visual scene correlates with a series of fast gamma waves (each corresponding to specific visual components, e.g., shape, color, motion) riding on a slower theta wave."

The authors proposed that gap junctions between neurons electrically couple adjoining cells, inducing synchrony.

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