Life is Water Electric

The author is very conscious of the importance of electromagnetic fields to life and declare that living things are fundamentally organized by electric fields and electromagnetic activities.

Moreover, she has a panpsychistic view (like those mentioned in this section of the web) where we can be seen as part of a multiple-scale living beings with mutiple grades of consciousness that go from all the universe to the electrons.

She mention various curious data, for example describe how trees are sensitive to electric and electromagnetic fields from earth and outer space, acting as antennae to the universe, or mention how human and other organism synchronize their biological rhythms to the earth electromagnetic resonant Shumann frequencies.

Described some aspects of the history of the L-field hyphotesis (proposed by Burr) and how a 1985 published book The Body Electric was censured in a bid to silence hazards of electromagnetic field (and also their ability in apropiate configurations to heal more definitively than with pharmaceuticals, that much of the times create dependences).

She also described the ability of EM to manipulate differenciated to stem cell processes, morphogenetic fields as electromagnetic fields, and much other concepts described in different sections of this site.

The main issue treated in the document is the relation of electromagnetic fields with water and include concepts like liquid crystal and coherent domains of water (this last have its corresponding section with dedicated papers here)

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