Inventing atomic resolution scanning dielectric microscopy to see a single protein complex operation live at resonance in a neuron without touching or adulterating the cell

" We electromagnetically triggered electrical, mechanical, thermal and ionic resonant vibrations in a protein … We image live that a protein molecule adopts a unique configuration for each resonance frequency, thus far unknown to biology. "Membrane alone fires" is found to be wrong after a century, micro-neuro-filaments communicate prior to firing to decide its necessity and then regulate it suitably. We introduce a series of technologies e.g., fractal grid, point contact, micro THz antenna, to discover that from atomic structure to a living cell, the biomaterials vibrate collectively."

As is specified in the paper the components of a living cell are interconnected over the entire electromagnetic frequency range.

They use their new developed technologies to do simultaneous imaging of ionic, electric and electromagnetic transmissions.

" We found the resonance frequencies of a particular spatial location on the neuron, at which frequency the maximum resistance change takes place. Then we have plotted the frequencies [Fig. 6(a)]. The plot shows that a neural network is in reality a network of electromagnetic coupling."

Experimental data shows that there is a collective dielectric coupling between the axon core, the other microtubule/actin and the proteins residing inside the neuron. And they found evidence that an alternate form of communication (electromagnetic) in the neuron precedes the ionic firing.

" We have studied the mechanical, ionic, electrical and electromagnetic resonance in neural firing and it is found that they all are connected together, neural firing's 100-year old myth that ionic conduction does everything is shattered with a series of experiments. Two observations, first, dielectric coupling from the cavities of a monomer of a protein to the neural network [see Fig. 6(a)], second, direct evidence of effective, logical signal transmission in the MHz frequency range at least 20–30 μs earlier than the emergence of a nerve impulse."

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