Bio-Soliton Model that predicts distinct non-thermal Electromagnetic Radiation Frequency Bands, that either Stabilize or Destabilize Life Conditions

" An extended bio-soliton model is proposed, that enables to predict which eigen-frequencies of non-thermal electromagnetic waves are life-sustaining and which are, in contrast, detrimental for living cells."

They found a series of coherent quantized frequencies located in 12 bands, ¿can be related these with the investigations of Bandyopadhyay et al. [1] where is proposed a resonance chain with bandwidth from 10−15 Hz (complete brain with all sensors) to 10+15 Hz (DNA)? Although they take in consideration a wider scale, in the paper are also proposed 12 bands (that have a triplet of triplet resonance bands in every single layer) although half of them are only theoretical maybe, if is elucidated their exact frequency range, they can be depicted on an acoustic reference scale, like in the present paper.

They explained very well concepts of phonon and soliton.

[1] Ghosh, S., Aswani, K., Singh, S., Sahu, S., Fujita, D., & Bandyopadhyay, A. (2014). Design and construction of a brain-like computer: a new class of frequency-fractal computing using wireless communication in a supramolecular organic, inorganic system. Information, 5(1), 28-100.

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