‘‘Quantum Leap’’ in Photobiomodulation Therapy Ushers in a New Generation of Light-Based Treatments for Cancer and Other Complex Diseases Perspective and Mini-Review

This study explores light and its interaction with water and other relevant photoreceptors to control biologic function.

They note that light science has now reached extreme microscales showing, for example, the memory of persistent correlations in water structures within 50fs, which is important in stabilizing biological systems, and it open the gates to both direct measurement and control of physiological processes via light–water interaction.

They describe that there are two major structural and functional action pathways. First of them, the more classical, is related to oxygen-dependent mechanisms operated by oxidation-reduction enzymes of the respiratory chain. The second (more interesting to the general proposition of this site) is related to the interaction of light with water, that can modulate the formatión of structures in water, the transmision of energy and power, modulate molecular signaling pathways, etc.

One of the phenomena in Water that is very related to the effect of light in it, is the existence of Exclusion Zone waters, a point that has it´s own section here.

The authors describe the state of the art and the discovered beneficial effects of low level light treatment on cancer, neurodegenerative disorders and other diseases.

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